LipoMag Kit

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest line of transfection reagents designed for the efficient delivery of DNA, siRNA, RNA, and proteins, powering up the transfection experiments for worldwide clients.

“We are excited to introduce our extensive transfection reagents to the research community,” said the business manager at Amerigo Scientific. “Our goal is to provide researchers with reliable and innovative tools that empower them to advance their research and make discoveries in the fields of molecular biology and cell biology.”

Transfection is a crucial technique in molecular biology research, allowing researchers to introduce foreign genetic material into cells for a variety of applications, including gene expression studies, therapeutic protein production, clone generation, and gene therapy. The choice of transfection reagents depends on the payload being delivered (DNA, RNA, or protein) and the type of cells being transfected.

Responding to the diverse transfection needs, Amerigo Scientific offers a wide suite of transfection reagents for DNA, siRNA, RNA, and protein delivery to best suit clients’ transfection experiments. The new transfection kits from Amerigo Scientific have been specifically formulated to ensure high transfection efficiency, minimal cytotoxicity, and consistent results across a wide range of cell types.

As one of Amerigo Scientific’s flagship transfection kits, the simple and rapid LipoMag kit has been widely used in all types of nucleic acids, including plasmid DNA, linearized DNA, siRNA, oligonucleotides, double-stranded RNA, mRNA, and shRNA. LipoMag kit can provide superior transgene expression levels and ensure successful transfections with minimal hassle, making it a convenient option for researchers.

Moreover, Amerigo Scientific’s transfection reagents are available in a variety of formats, including lipid-based and polymer-based formulations, to suit different experimental requirements. Researchers interested in versatile transfection reagents are encouraged to explore the applications of these kits in basic research, drug discovery, and biotechnology.

LipoMag Kit