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5 Fengshui Tips for Fathers to Improve Wealth and Career Luck
Times are tough, but the head of a bustling household, it is important to strive on. For those who are looking to boost your career and wealth luck, look no further.

Here are some simple home fengshui tips for fathers, courtesy of Master Goh Guan Leong of Way Fengshui Group. Read on to take one step closer to success!

Pay attention to your main door
When it comes to fengshui, the flow of energy plays an important role in harmonising your environment, which can influence various life aspects. The main entrance of your home is called the “mouth of qi (energy)” where it welcomes opportunities into your life.

Do not leave your shoes or sandals lying around or near your main door. You should clean this area regularly. For more home fengshui tips related to the main door, don’t miss this!

Identify the Northwest sector
The Qian sector, located in the Northwest of your house, is represented by the Metal element. For those who are looking to boost your wealth luck and power, this is the place to focus on. Even if you are not the ambitious type, keeping this area clean and in order shall ensure smoother flow of all matters.

Things to display and avoid
We are not quite done with the Northwest sector yet. For the career-minded, you can consider displaying metal decorations or fengshui emblems in the Northwest sector of your home or living room.

Also, take note that Metal and Fire are conflicting elements. Hence, you should avoid having the stove in the Northwest sector or painting this area red.

While we are on the topic of items to display, you should also be mindful of the artwork that you place in your home, as it can influence energies that either help you or push away opportunities. For example, those married should display your wedding photos or couple shots, which shall bring warmth and positive feelings each time you or your spouse sees it. Happy wife equals happy life, remember?

Consider installing a water feature
In Chinese culture, water represents wealth. In fengshui, we often leverage the Water element to bring forth opportunities as well as aid in boosting wealth luck. One way is by installing a water feature at home.

Note that the location and position of your water feature are crucial. It is best to consult a professional fengshui practitioner if you’re unsure. Otherwise, you may trigger unwanted romance luck, especially troublesome for those who are already married.

Period 9 flying star